Saturday, April 23, 2011

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Scott Byrd
Week 3 post

This weeks Wimba forced me to think for the first time past Month 12. Before tonight I was looking forward to graduation and the end of the program, I was counting down the days till I could have some free nights and no worries. Now I am thinking about what did this all mean? where do I go from here and what will I do with all of this "stuff" in my head? At first this caused a peak in my anxiety that it will never end, but I then realized that all of this "stuff" will make me want to do more for my job and for others that I come into contact with. I was excited to think about how I might be able to make some serious changes in my school and in my career with the results and ideas that I now have from all of this "stuff".

With the thought of publishing my work or allowing others to post a presentation that I make on my findings and what I have learned as a result of research and experiences I get excited for what is to come. I get excited now to possibly expand my work and try out other methods on my co-workers and experiment with different types of programs to help teachers become better at what they do using technology.

I am still looking forward to free nights and no deadlines for assignments, but after tonight I am also looking forward to further pursuing my work and seeing what else I can do.

My reply post:


I too have been counting the days down when I am not chained to the computer frantically trying to post assignments. This month has been a great time of reflection. A reflection of the hard work that has evolved into priceless rhythm of an energized teacher. Our students (in my case young teachers) will benefit from what we have gained.  

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