Thursday, March 31, 2011

edm613 Blog Week 1 Activities Copyright

A D'net original. Photo taken by me  only I can release permission for the image to be used,
Copyright, it is has been a great topic of discussion in my other line of work of photography. It was not mentioned in the discussion, but each photo or digital image was created by a person. The average person feels that there is no harm for copying an image off the internet and posting to Facebook, twitter or their own personal website. Just last week the Professional Photographers of America polled several members on the use of copyrights and their imagines. The results were astounding! Of the 2,830 that took the poll, (84%) 2,392 photographers NEVER register their work. 41 (1%) ALWAYS register. 324 (11%) OCCASIONALLY register. These are professional that make a living at creating images. It goes to show not matter on what platform you create, educate yourself and protect your work.