Sunday, April 17, 2011

MAC Week_3_Reading: Art of Possibility Chapters 5-8

"Don't Take yourself too Seriously"
This book continues to intrigue my imagination. I purchased a hard copy for easier reading.

 Leading from the chair can be very useful when working with any class or group of people. When ever you bring a group of individuals together there are predisposed perceptions. Using insight apathy to learn each of the group will assist in bringing the group together. No matter the size or the age each wants to feel a sense of purpose.

 The four chapters represented four different ends of the spectrum, but Rule 6, was by far the most useful. Sarcastic by nature and usually the one that can get other laughing. People who take themselves too serious have always got me going. I have found this type of personality runs rampant in the educational system, from principals to teachers. They seemed to want to tear a person down before they will ever see any good. Really do you think the world evolves around you, a simple science lesson should bring them back to the truth. Have fun, learn to play, laugh at yourself, giggle at a joke, smile at a stranger all can make this world a little brighter. The picture to the left was taken years ago on an ag teacher tour. It currently resides on my desk with the same caption.

"The way things are". The movie Babe was a favorite of my high school students. They loved that movie, yes I admit there were times when I needed a moment to finish grades. That was the movie they selected. The way things are, became our quote. Our classroom also involved an 16 acre land lab animal science facility.  Needless to say my classes were involved in producing a product. Beef, Pork & Lamb. When we look at the world or the cards we have been dealt or the classes we have been assigned. One can choose to waller in frustration or play the cards you are dealt.

Giving way to passion. It is obvious when someone is passionate about a hobby, subject or a career.  When we are doing what we  love, time is lost. Finding what drives us or sparks our passion can be difficult for some. They may have never ventured out to find or sometimes they are looking to hard. We are born with desires, through life experiences we have opportunities to fan the flames.

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  1. great summary and application of the reading to your experience. Love the photo. Educators are not alone in often being too self-important, it's a mistake of assuming that just because we often stand up front to speak that we automatically have something worth hearing. It's a case of assuming that being up front makes us more important that those in the seat, when the truth is that we need those in the seats and without them being up front is more than a little silly. So one might as well start with the silly. :-)