Sunday, April 24, 2011

MAC Week_4_Reading: Art of Possibility Chapters 9-12

This book has been a great read! I feel that I have rushed over it and look forward to reading it again.  Lighting the spark brought forth a great term “enrollment”. How many times have we been in a situation that a new idea comes forth from administration but it fails due to lack of enrollment on their part? Enrollment, engagement means nothing to our students if we will not enroll or engage. This principal can be applied to any relationship that we are involved in each day. We cannot expect people to achieve greater things if we do not enroll in their lives.

“Being the Board” is a difficult concept to wrap our minds around. I know we all have selfish tendencies that we believe that we are always in the right. A phrase that I like to say, “Stories are like pancakes, there are two sides”. Anytime that a relationship goes wrong we often are quick to blame the other side. Being the board concept is bowing down, but stepping up to what your role in the situation was or is. For me, I have read this chapter twice. I wanted to let it sink in, but there is a lot I need to still learn.

Creating frameworks of possibility. Vision! We set goals; we set our eyes to the goals. The goal was created on a vision of what can be. Vision is one of the most important steps in revealing what is possible. Behind every fulfilled dream is a vision. The sky is the limit; anything is possible once you set your mind to it...Vision!

We. A group of one or more. This is a team effort. Not to be led by one person, but for everyone to engage, enroll, be the board, spark the interest, to be a contribution and RULE NUMBER 6.  Great leaders understand the “we” concept. Allowing people that serve under them to give and unsurpassed effort that leads to success. More people need to read this book to be inspired to lead in greater ways. We have too many leaders that have the “Barney Phiffer with the keys” attitude

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  1. great summary of the remaining chapter. I hope that you get a chance in the near future to revisit the pages and find new insights and strength to act on the insights. enjoy.