Friday, April 8, 2011

MAC Week 2-2 DB Quickies: CD Ownership, Music Sharing or Spontaneous Listening

Do you remember when audio CDs were introduced? Do you remember how the record companies said that the $15 – $19 price for audio CDs would drop when CDs became more popular (LP prices being around $10 at the time)? Are you tired of buying the same songs more than once? Please discuss…

My Response:
I received my first record player when I was five. Eight track tapes came out shortly after that. The first eight track that I remember was the Beach Boys. Growing up in Florida, it was always on when we were headed to the beach for the day. By the time I was in middle school cassettes were hitting the stores. Sony Walkman was on every teenager's wish list. Then came the CD. Prices were high.  Again, everyone had to change the machines to play the tunes, another added cost. I feel blessed to grow up in such a great music time period. Many transitions and diversity.

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