Sunday, April 3, 2011

MAC Week 1 Post 4 Wimba Comments

Intense Wimba session! The anxiety is beginning to well up for all that is due this month. At this point, I wish I had Screenflow the session to use as reference. Great job of presenting all the materials, keeping the pace on topic and answering student questions. My one question that I have is "Will we have a chance to fix our AR in the class if it does not pass?"

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  1. yes, the lit review and AR websites are all turn in and refine assignments where, assuming that we are all acting in good faith, there is not penalty connected to multiple submissions and revisions. We want you to have the best possible LR and AR website by the end of the month and so if either LR or AR website is not ready for month 12 review we'll asks for changes and make suggestions and then send it back for changes, etc., until we feel it's finally ready. Of course, we want to keep it simple and would love for everyone to have first time approval. But barring that we continue to plug away until it's ready for the month 12 final presentation review.