Sunday, April 24, 2011

MAC Week_4_Reading: Art of Possibility Chapters 9-12

This book has been a great read! I feel that I have rushed over it and look forward to reading it again.  Lighting the spark brought forth a great term “enrollment”. How many times have we been in a situation that a new idea comes forth from administration but it fails due to lack of enrollment on their part? Enrollment, engagement means nothing to our students if we will not enroll or engage. This principal can be applied to any relationship that we are involved in each day. We cannot expect people to achieve greater things if we do not enroll in their lives.

“Being the Board” is a difficult concept to wrap our minds around. I know we all have selfish tendencies that we believe that we are always in the right. A phrase that I like to say, “Stories are like pancakes, there are two sides”. Anytime that a relationship goes wrong we often are quick to blame the other side. Being the board concept is bowing down, but stepping up to what your role in the situation was or is. For me, I have read this chapter twice. I wanted to let it sink in, but there is a lot I need to still learn.

Creating frameworks of possibility. Vision! We set goals; we set our eyes to the goals. The goal was created on a vision of what can be. Vision is one of the most important steps in revealing what is possible. Behind every fulfilled dream is a vision. The sky is the limit; anything is possible once you set your mind to it...Vision!

We. A group of one or more. This is a team effort. Not to be led by one person, but for everyone to engage, enroll, be the board, spark the interest, to be a contribution and RULE NUMBER 6.  Great leaders understand the “we” concept. Allowing people that serve under them to give and unsurpassed effort that leads to success. More people need to read this book to be inspired to lead in greater ways. We have too many leaders that have the “Barney Phiffer with the keys” attitude

Saturday, April 23, 2011

MAC Week_4_comment_on_Peer_blog_KlytiaBurcham

From Klytia Burcham post

 Week 4 – Blog #2 – Reading: the rest of The Art of Possibility

Be the board, not one of the pieces!

I have to start by saying that I love this book!  I have enjoyed every chapter and know that, although I am familiar with many of the themes in this book, I loved the way that they were presented in this book.  It also served to remind me that I need to live in the moment and give the situation I find myself in it’s due; it is what it is!  Judgement and bitterness over situations we find ourselves in serves nobody, especially me.

The idea of enrollment is very enticing to me.  You know it when you see it, but it is something that almost always is seen in person.  Zander writes, “ Enrollment is the art and practice of generating a spark of possibility for others to share.”  This is what we hope to share with our students.  I think enrollment is what launches a good teacher to a great teacher because they are able to launch their students into the mindset of possibility.

The chapter on being the board was the hardest for me to understand, but once I got the idea that it was really about taking the responsibility of being a part of the situation.  It isn’t about taking all of the responsibility for the situation or blame.  It is about seeing what part you did have in the situation and what can be done to alleviate the blame game.  What can be done to get the participants in the situation back in the same game.  By taking the responsibility of being the board, you are able to see the situation for what it is, minus any blame or resentment.  If both participants take the stance of being the board the situation is more likely to be solved in a mutually beneficial way.  It becomes a WE story instead of an I story.  What can WE do about this so that we can both find a suitable solution for everyone.

My Reply

Love this book! I purchased the hard copy for future reading. I have not adjusted to reading everything on a computer, I like the feel of paper. 

Being the board is a hard concept to digest. The chapter rings true. It made me look at a couple  situations that have gone awry. It also reminded me when I coached the girls golf team our motto "Be the Ball", now I can apply this concept to life "Be the Board".. 

MAC Week_4_comment_on_Peer_blog_ScottByrd

Scott Byrd
Week 3 post

This weeks Wimba forced me to think for the first time past Month 12. Before tonight I was looking forward to graduation and the end of the program, I was counting down the days till I could have some free nights and no worries. Now I am thinking about what did this all mean? where do I go from here and what will I do with all of this "stuff" in my head? At first this caused a peak in my anxiety that it will never end, but I then realized that all of this "stuff" will make me want to do more for my job and for others that I come into contact with. I was excited to think about how I might be able to make some serious changes in my school and in my career with the results and ideas that I now have from all of this "stuff".

With the thought of publishing my work or allowing others to post a presentation that I make on my findings and what I have learned as a result of research and experiences I get excited for what is to come. I get excited now to possibly expand my work and try out other methods on my co-workers and experiment with different types of programs to help teachers become better at what they do using technology.

I am still looking forward to free nights and no deadlines for assignments, but after tonight I am also looking forward to further pursuing my work and seeing what else I can do.

My reply post:


I too have been counting the days down when I am not chained to the computer frantically trying to post assignments. This month has been a great time of reflection. A reflection of the hard work that has evolved into priceless rhythm of an energized teacher. Our students (in my case young teachers) will benefit from what we have gained.  

MAC Week 4-4 Free Post

The Thursday night Wimba session was a long one. I really enjoyed listening to everyone's AR. All our hard work has taken on very meaning shapes and information. It is hard to believe that a year ago, we were strangers all taking an important step to become better educators. Month twelve is on the horizon, it has been a pleasure to take this journey with you.

MAC Week 4-1 Career Education AR Presentation

This might be out of order. There was no question in my mind between a document and a presentation. I am passionate to teach students and teachers the importance of Career Planning. Sharing this data with other teachers may inspire them to embrace a little more time to assist their students in a life long career. We may not be able to offer a concrete measurement of success, but to give students an opportunity to find a career direction is priceless.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

MAC Week 4-2 Career Education AR Presentation

The journey of climbing this mountain is narrowing. The peak is in site. As I enter the final stages of the AR, this is a great time of reflection. God has granted me a gift of public speaking so presenting this AR excites me. I have been accepted to present the research FACTE (Florida Association of Career & Technical Educators) Conference. The next month the presentation will continue to evolve.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

MAC Week 4-2DB Quickies: Dream Teaching Environment

Truly the only thing that stands in my way is a choice. While I am very committed to the appointment I have now, the thought does cross my mind from time to time. Being out of the classroom has allowed me to observe several teachers, a great opportunity to reflect on my teaching methods. The greatest asset is completing this program. I will have a great understanding and passion for new methods of delivery a subject I love dearly. Technology does not still me anymore, it moves the mind.