Sunday, April 3, 2011

MAC Week 1 Reading Part 2: What the heck is Fair Use

My thought on Fair Use, the term seems to be an oxymoron. I believe the fair use police will be knocking on my door for all my infractions. Very enlightening, will spend more time placing value on the  media that I use in education. Imagine how many slide show you put together to highlight a trip or event. Scary.

By the way. If I am copying a peer's post and placing into my blog, should I receive their written permission before posting? Just a question.

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  1. great observations and question. Because the comment sharing and posting is a course requirement than one is submitting to the course requirements and getting permission to share is not required. I'm pretty sure than some of the paperwork that is filled out when signing up for this university empowers the university to use student work however the university sees fit. This usage might also qualify for the educational fair use clause.