Sunday, April 10, 2011

MAC Week_2_Reading: Art of Possibility Chapters 1-4

Is "Raising the bar"
Lowering the Possibilities
What a refreshing read. So far fetch from the mundane educational jargon.   We often forget about the power of possibility. This book speaks volumes to me. Recently a friend told me “you are the master of reinventing yourself”. At first I was taken back by the comment, but as I have gone through this program, a new side business and looking at new opportunities that are presenting themselves. 

While in the classroom, all the students would start with an A. That is what is given to them, keeping it they needed to earn. The standards of grades were often based on “Hands On” demonstrations, class participation and teamwork. Multiple-choice test had no place in my classroom. Often I had students with learning disabilities; they would excel in my class due to the platform that they would learn.  We can change the world by evolving our thoughts to get of the square box of education. Most teachers would feel uncomfortable to giving an unearned “A”. I think some are on a vengeance to fails as many as possible. They thrive on the power.

If we look at why most teachers entered the profession, most would say the love to help children. The isolated thoughts of some teachers may stem from standardized testing, merit pay and measuring every child.  Teachers have lost the ability to teach their subject the way they would like. Imagine if our states gave every school an “A”. What a trend of possibility that could lead too.

A bright future is on the horizon; you just have to look in the direction of the sun.

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  1. How far we've fallen from our original intensions and dreams from when we first entered the classroom. The "business" of being a classroom teacher completely gets in the way of the teaching and learning that we want to inspire. thanks for the reminder.