Saturday, April 9, 2011

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Mike Colletti 

Wk 2 Free Choice Blog

The EMDT program cannot work without the tireless efforts of those who share a common goal:  becoming better at what we do using the tools that are available for us to bring into our work environment, whether it be a school or corporate situation.  While I have a Free Choice Blog available, I would like to commend all of you who have been a part of this journey, whether it be tech support or Full Sail staff, course directors or mentors, and, of course all the students whose paths crossed mine over the past 300+ days. 

I am sure all of you share this sentiment.  While we may not have had any close connections with everyone, we still shared many experiences through Wimba sessions and discussion posts.  We have read each other’s blog posts and checked out those AR websites, whether out of curiosity or necessity.  In doing so, we have seen the future of education, beyond the restrictions that school boards and government programs attempt to place on the frontline men and women, the classroom teachers.  To me, that future holds the potential to inspire our current students to succeed and exceed the goals we might set for them.

So, before we all get caught up in the final push to the end of this month and then this program, I wanted to say thanks to every one of you, my colleagues and classmates, course directors and mentors.  You make me proud to be one of you, a teacher.

My Response:

Wonderful post!! Rarely do people take the time to really say "Thank You". Two words that mean so much, but cost so little. I know as a student, it has been difficult to really have the connections with other students. We are so focused on the end product and the next deadline. Hopefully this has been a life changing experience for you. I know it has for me. "Thank You" for posting a genuine gift.

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