Sunday, April 10, 2011

MAC Week 2-2 DB Quickies: Podcast

Farmer Feeds. As an agriculture teacher by trade, agriculture education is near and dear to my heart. While the role of agriculture education has changed from teaching farmers to educating consumers. Every person daily discusses or thinks about agriculture: What am I going to Eat? What am I going to wear? This is a great learning tool for students to learn what is facing today’s farmer

Digital Podcast is a great library for students to find pod casts on specific subjects. Perfect for science fair projects, debate research or research papers.  The scince and technology would be a great library to tap into.

The discovery channel has a wealth of knowledge available in pod cast.

The horse podcast offers students  a great place to learn about all aspects of a horse, from digestive tracts to breeds of horse. The site is older, but still useful.

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